The Holst Society is contracted with Goodmusic Publishing Ltd to publish works by Holst hitherto unpublished. Works published to date:-

1.     Clear and Cool, a choral work for SATB and orchestra – reference GM300

2.     The Voyager, 12 part-songs for mixed voice choir – GM336

3.     The Holst Songbook Volume 1, 13 songs dating from the late 1890s – GM345 (high voice), GM346  (low voice)

4.     The Holst Songbook Volume 2, 13 songs dating from 1896-1905 – GM359 (high voice) and GM360 (low voice)

5.     The Holst Songbook Volume 3, 13 songs dating from 1890s-1914 – GM366 (high voice) and GM367 (low voice)

6.     Scherzo for organ duet arranged Richard Brasier – GM326

Note:- We are presently editing Volume 4 of the Holst Songbook which will be published later in 2021. There are also plans to publish a two-piano arrangement of the Suite to the Perfect Fool.

Contact details:- Goodmusic Publishing Ltd, Tel: 01684 773883, Email:

Holst's Compositions

Holst is, of course, best known for his work, The Planets, but he composed a large number of other works in diverse genres, including incidental music, opera and ballet, works for chorus and solo voice, as well as instrumental works ranging from chamber works to other compositions for full orchestra. We have catalogued a list of his works which you can browse. 

List of Works (PDF)