Holst Foundation

Founded in 1981 by Imogen Holst (1907-84), the daughter of Gustav Holst, the Holst Foundation is a grant-giving charity whose funds were for more than 30 years directed primarily towards the performance and recording of music by living composers. The total of grants awarded during that period amounted to over £3 million. Imogen Holst did not intend to support performance or publication of Holst’s music through the Foundation after the initial expiry of copyright after 1984. This was done in a small way through the company which administered the Holst Estate; subsequent to the copyright legislation of 1997 which extended copyright to 70 years, the major copyrights finally expired at the end of 2004, and the company was incorporated into the Foundation.

The Holst Foundation was from its inception funded from royalties, and most grant-giving activities came to an end in 2014. Applications for grants are no longer accepted, although the Foundation hopes to be able to continue to fund selected projects on a limited basis at the discretion of its Music Committee.

Colin Matthews (executive administrator)

Holst FoundationFor more information about the Holst Foundation's past and present activities, please visit the foundation's website.