For the interest of the reader, we are collecting a selection of articles to provide further insight into the life and works of Gustav Holst.

Newsletter December 2017

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Newsletter October 2017

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Newsletter July 2017

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Gustav Holst – The Mystic Trumpeter – The Road to Absolute Greatness

This was a lecture given by Chris Cope (chairman of the Holst Society) at the English Music Festival held in late May 2017, when the Holst Society was launched.
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The Holst Family contribution to Cheltenham music making in the 19th century

A fascinating insight by Graham Lockwood into the musical life of Gustav Holst and his ancestors, beginning with his great-grandfather Matthias' move to London.
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The Passing of Gustav Holst

The following article was written by the composer Havergal Brian (1876-1972) under the title “On the other hand” in the magazine Musical Opinion in the July 1934 edition.
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Gustav Holst: An English Composer

The following article was written by the composer Havergal Brian (1876-1972) and published in
Musical Opinion (January 1940).
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The Cloud Messenger

A paper by Raymond Head (one of our Vice Presidents) discussing Gustav Holst's choral work The Cloud Messenger.
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The Statesman-Poet Commemorated

A piece by Alan Gibbs (one of our Vice Presidents) on Sir Cecil Spring Rice who wrote the words I Vow to Thee My Country, to which Holst set the tune Jupiter (The Planets)
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